About Us

(a work in progress)

How we ended up MARRIED and CATHOLIC 😂❤️‍🔥

and starting a Catholic fashion brand 👇 (in 90 seconds)

inventing the Lay Habit

After my conversion in 2022, I really wanted to be a monk. Naturally, my wife had other plans. Though I couldn't wear a habit, I wanted to consecrate my appearance in a similar spirit, so I started experimenting with slightly-outrageous T-Shirts featuring Catholic art.

Like a habit, they were all at once a bit embarrassing, super cool, and conversation-starting, and people wanted to know where I got 'em. So I set up a shop.

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a Catholic rock band

Last year I started a Catholic rock band called The Pearlclutchers. The name honors everyone who tried to warn us about the devil's incursion into pop culture over the last century. Though derided as "pearlclutchers" at the time, they were right, and everyone should have listened. It's clear now that piety is the true rebellion, and deserving of quintessential rebellious music. Check it out!

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