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Annual Membership: 50% off everything

Annual Membership: 50% off everything

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Become a Beauty Warrior

Get a 50% discount on everything for $99/year.


  • Pays for itself in just a few items
    • EXAMPLE — 3 T-Shirts is normally $195 ($65 x 3). With this membership, you’d pay ~$198 ($99 + $33 + 33 + 33). And then everything else is still 50% off for 364 more days.
  • Get exclusive access to "discontinued" and "experimental" products not shown on the website
  • You can use this discount to buy gifts for friends
  • You can use your membership discount to stock your parish gift shop, and re-sell at a higher price


    • Since this is such a steep discount, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges for items purchased at 50% off. If you’re confident about what size to order, this should be no problem. Instead of returning an item, we recommend donating it to your parish gift shop, to a Catholic college student, or to someone else who will appreciate it.
    • 50% Discount does NOT apply to St. Therese Parish merchandise


    1. Add this membership to your cart and complete the checkout process.
    2. Click "🙎‍♂️" or "Log In" in the header menu to Log In using the same email address you used to buy your membership in Step 1. (You may need to "Create Account" using that same email.) 

    3. After logging in, shop as usual. After adding items to your cart, you will see a 50% discount automatically applied to your entire order. 

    This is a brand new and experimental offering. If anything doesn't work perfectly, send us a message below and we'll fix it. 😊

    —Mike (& Leah)

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    Get 50% off by becoming a member


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